Lo Stato dell’Alabama proclama il 25 Aprile “giornata della consapevolezza dell’alienazione genitoriale”

sealIl Governatore dello Stato dell’Alabama Bib Riley ha proclamato il 25 aprile 2008  come “Parental Alienation Awarness Day”.  Il provvedimento datato 1 marzo 2008 è ancora oggi reperibile sul sito  dell’Ufficio del Governatore.

Fonte: Alabama Office of The  Governor

Parental Alienation Awareness Day
By the Governor of the State of Alabama

A Proclamation

March 01, 2008

WHEREAS, alienating behaviors are often found in high conflict divorce and custody situations; and

WHEREAS, these behaviors, such as speaking negatively about a parent to or in front of a child, interfering with communication and visitation, and discussing inappropriate information with a child, such as details of the marriage, court proceedings, or financial matters can destroy the bond between a loving parent and child; and

WHEREAS, parental alienation takes advantage of the suggestibility and dependency of children with the sole purpose of destroying a loving relationship they once shared with a parent; and

WHEREAS, the most common symptom of children affected by Parental Alienation is their severe opposition to, or fear of, contact with one parent when there is no justifiable cause to explain the child’s behavior; and

WHEREAS, parental alienation deprives children of their right to love and be loved by both parents; and

WHEREAS, Parental Alienation is considered a form of child abuse as the alienating tactics used on the children are confusing, frightening, and rob children of their sense of security; and

WHEREAS, Professionals agree that the problem of Parental Alienation exists and is damaging to children and can affect them into adulthood with tragic consequences; and

WHEREAS, there are more than 2.4 million divorced North Americans including the parents of more than one million children under –the age of eighteen, with nearly as many unmarried couples with children separating; and

WHEREAS, with awareness comes education and understanding, and the power to stop the abuse of innocent children caught in the crossfire of the people they love:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bob Riley, Governor of Alabama, do hereby proclaim April 25, 2008, as

Parental Alienation Awareness Day

in the State of Alabama.

Given Under My Hand and the Great Seal of the Office of the Governor at the State Capitol in the City of Montgomery on the 1st day of March 2008.

Governor Bob Riley

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